Meet Kimberly Shpritzman




Welcome to In Focus Photography. I have always had a passion for pictures. For me, the photo-shoot is just as important as the photos you end up with. I want this to be an experience where you take time out for yourself where you can reconnect with your personality. Time out from the to-do lists and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We start by getting to know each other so by the time the shoot day rolls around you feel  comfortable to come and just BE.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Florida when I was 13 years old. I am a Florida Atlantic University alum with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. I have been living in Delray Beach for the last 15 years with my husband Tal, my one and only son , Dylan and two chihuahuas (Cocoa and Pebbles). My family, photography, music and the beach are my fuel. I have learned to love where I live and find beauty in the small things in life ever since I started taking photography seriously. I am still learning every day and it is always a work in progress. I am always excited to meet new people and show them life through my lens.

I was inspired when I was young watching other people taking photos of people and/or nature. I was fascinated by the camera and the large lenses. When I was able to choose an elective in high school, I naturally chose photography. It was the most amazing class ever. (shout out to Ms. P. at Marjory Stoneman Douglas) Back then (1994) was not like it is today. We had to go to an actual darkroom to make the magic. It was the most incredible thing. From beginning to end, I loved the process. I always made sure I had a camera with me; whether it was a real camera or a disposable one. I was, and still am the friend that will take all the pictures of everyone and send to friends and family. I have boxes filled of photos that will last a lifetime.


 I believe that being photographed shouldn’t be a painful experience. I want you to enjoy having your photographs taken. I want you to look happy and feel a connection with the people in the photographs. I want you to remember how you felt in that moment – the love, the joy, the emotion. I want you to remember the people and capture your beautiful relationships. I absolutely LOVE photographing love and emotion.  Additionally, I love finding beauty in nature. Combine people and nature, I will be sure to get some good shots. I love kids also and I am really good with them which is important when getting family shots with small children taken. I decided to start my own business because photography is something I love to do.  I also believe in making professional photos affordable and reasonable for families. I love the serene, peacefulness about it. It is how I see the world through my own lens. I could never imagine doing anything else! I love finding beauty in candid shots,  especially when the subject forgets the camera is on. I hope to meet you soon and show you what it looks like through my lens. 


Be kind to one another 😘

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